Information for Wholesalers

Carry Perfect Poop In Your Store

To carry Bernie's Perfect Poop in your store, please send us an email by clicking below:

NOTE: We do not allow resale on marketplaces such as, Ebay, Walmart, etc.  You are more than welcome to sell on your own branded website or in a physical location

Ordering Options

  • We can mix and match flavor/sizes in the same order
  • Contact us for the latest wholesale pricing and specials
  • We can accept credit cards online and are able to ship directly to your store
  • Samples Available Upon Request for Qualified Retailers
30.0 ozCheddar49.9945.95
12.8 ozCheddar27.9925.00
4.2 ozCheddar13.9912.49
30.0 ozChicken49.945.95
12.8 ozChicken27.9925.00
4.2 ozChicken13.9912.49