Dog Weight Loss & Maintenance

Bernie's Perfect Poop Can Naturally Help Dogs Lose & Maintain Weight

  • The fiber in Bernie’s can help with weight loss and management because it helps the digestive system operate smoothly. It allows food to travel through the digestive tract at a regular rate, not to fast and not to slowly. It also helps to balance the digestive tract which improves overall health both body and mind which may increase dog’s activity and prevent stress eating. 
  • The pre and Probiotics in Bernie’s will help to balance the microbiome in the digestive tract, thus allowing appetite reducing hormones to be released which helps to burn calories and fat. These hormones may also increase proteins that can reduce fat storage thereby decreasing the amount of fat absorbed into the body and excrete it in the stool instead. 
  • The enzymes in Bernie’s are great for breaking down foods into nutrients to give the body what it needs to keep metabolism running smoothly. With a proper functioning metabolism dogs will not feel fatigued and will be able to get the proper amount of exercise they need and be able to burn more calories.
  • Bernie’s 4-in-1 blend of fibers, prebiotics, probiotics, and enzymes helps dogs maintain a healthy digestive tract and overall better health. With better health comes a balanced mind and the ability to burn needed calories and rid un-needed fat.   
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Bernie's Perfect Poop
Bernie's Perfect Poop
Bernie's Perfect Poop
Bernie's Perfect Poop
Bernie's Perfect Poop
Bernie's Perfect Poop
Bernie's Perfect Poop
Bernie's Perfect Poop
Bernie's Perfect Poop
Bernie's Perfect Poop
Bernie's Perfect Poop
Bernie's Perfect Poop
Bernie's Perfect Poop
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Is Your Dog Overweight?

A dog is considered to overweight when it is 0-15% above the dog’s optimal weight. A dog is considered obese when it is 15%+ over its optimal weight. To find out your dog’s optimal weight ask your Veterinarian. Optimal weight can be determined at maturity.

How to tell if your dog is overweight without a scale? If you feel around the ribs and spine and your dog has more than a thin layer of fat between the skin and bones then your dog is fine. If there is more than a thin layer of fat separating the skin and the bone then your dog is overweight. If you cannot find the ribcage when feeling for it then your dog is overweight. 

Other signs of overweight dogs include:  

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Pancreatitis
  • Diabetes
  • Skin conditions
  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Joint issues
  • Arthritis
  • Immune dysfunction
  • Cancerous tumors


Possible Causes of Dog Weight GainCan Perfect Poop Help?
Low thyroid levelsYES
Hormonal imbalancesYES
Osteoarthritis and other painful conditions (will lessen dogs activity levels)YES
Lack of exercise
Too many treats
Neutering or Spaying
Sex (females are more likely to be overweight) 


If your dog is overweight or you suspect your dog is overweight, please consult your Veterinarian regarding a weight loss diet and program for your dog. Being overweight could lead to numerous health issues and shorten your dog’s life span. Obesity can be life threatening.

Other Ways to Help

  • Don’t give in to begging
  • Serve a nutritious diet
  • Reduce the portion size of your dog’s meal
  • Avoid serving table scraps or extra treats
  •  Increase exercise

Additional Reading

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  • Pets WebMD: Overweight Dogs & Weight Loss
  • Dog Food Advisor: Dog Feeding Tips To Lose Weight

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  • Fat Dog



This stuff is FABULOUS. I bought it because I have a senior bulldog who has been having bad GI issues for awhile now. I’ve tried everything (vet prescribed probiotics, hydrolyzed food, medication, you name it) and Bernie’s is the first thing that has actually made a noticeable difference. My dog is so much happier, regular, and overall back to his normal self since I started giving it to him. I’m convinced it’s adding months, if not years, to his life - and for that I am so incredibly grateful!!! He loves the taste (of course, typical Bulldog, will eat anything - lol) and has not experienced any negative side effects at all. I also have a Frenchie who is very healthy, but I decided to put her on it as well (I figured why not, since it’s worked so well for my other guy.) She is typically a picky eater, but gobbles this down no problem. I can’t recommend the product highly enough. I am a new customer, but already “sold” and will be a loyal client for life!!! - Jackie D

More Information About Dog Weight Loss & Maintenance

Fiber may help dogs lose & maintain weight: 
Fiber is most known for its ability to help alleviate constipation and diarrhea. However, fiber also aids in balancing the digestive tract. It keeps food from moving through your dogs digestive tract too quickly or too slowly. Fiber also helps to give your dog a feeling of fullness. This feeling of fullness can help prevent your dog from overeating. Fiber also aids in balancing the digestive tract which in turn helps to balance out the mind as the two are connected. When dogs have a calm mind, they may stop overeating that is caused by stress or anxiety.

Pre and Probiotics can help dogs lose weight and maintaining weight
Studies in humans and animals have suggested that gut bacteria may play a role in weight regulation. This regulation of weight can happen in different ways.

1. probiotics release appetite reducing hormones. If the digestive tract microbiome is balanced and the levels of this appetite reducing hormone are increased it may help to burn calories and fat.

2. probiotics may increase the levels of protein if the digestive tract microbiome is balanced. If these protein levels are increased fat storage could be decreased.

3. probiotics may also decrease the amount of dietary fat absorbed into the system and increase the amount of dietary fat leaving the body in the stool.

4. probiotics can help to improve digestive health, reducing inflammation, improving cardiovascular risk factors, and even help with depression and anxiety.

Enzymes may help with losing weight and maintaining weight in dogs.
Lipase Protease and Amylase are important enzymes when it comes to weight loss. Bernie’s Perfect Poop contains these 3 enzymes plus others. How do digestive enzymes help with weight loss and maintenance? Enzymes help to break down the food we eat into nutrients that the body needs and also help to keep our metabolism burning fat. If the food isn’t broken down into nutrients like it should be then fatigue sets in and metabolism becomes sluggish resulting in weight gain. Studies in humans have shown that Lipase increases fat-burning and will help weight loss. Enzymes also effect mood and anxiety. When dogs have anxiety/stress/etc. they tend to eat more. Enzymes can help lower anxiety and improve mood, which can help reduce anxiety/stress and help with weight loss.