Dog Skin Allergies

Bernie's Perfect Poop Can Naturally Alleviate Dog Skin Allergies

  • Allergies influence immune function in dogs. Digestive aids like Bernies’ Perfect Poop can help. At a high level a balanced digestive system may help in maintaining a healthy and balanced immune system. When a dog’s immune system is balanced toxins can be eliminated properly through the digestive tract which aids in building immunity and improving skin and coat conditions.
  • Bernie’s 4-in-1 digestive supplement can help balance the gut and help your dog maintain a healthy and balanced immune system.
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Skin based allergies in dogs are irritations of the skin caused by one or a variety of factors including medications, infections, and immune system disorders. Common Signs of a skin-based allergy in your dog include:  

  • Itching, Scratching, Biting or Licking an area
  • Reddened skin
  • Patchy hair loss
  • Recurrent ear infections
  • Inflammation in the nose (rhinitis)
  • Asthma
  • Hives
  • Lumps Bumps
  • Facial Swelling


Dog Skin Allergies are typically indicate that the body is not able to sufficiently remove toxins. Common Sources of Toxins are listed below:

Possible Causes of Dog AllergyCan Perfect Poop Help?
Environmental allergies (pollen or mold) YES
 Food allergies YES
Soap, shampoo, wool, leather, plastic or rubber dog dishes, insecticides, fertilizers, carpet fibersYES
Heavy MetalsYES
Flea AllergiesYES


Dog allergies can become severe if not treated. When dogs have skin allergies and scratch, lick, or bite repeatedly at the site, infection can set in. The area becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. If your dog is licking or biting at their skin (feet, anus, etc.), if their skin is reddened or you notice hair loss, please see your Veterinarian

Other Ways to Help

  • Herbal flea dip (if flea related) 
  • Flea protection  
  • Avoid what triggers the allergy
  •  Hypo-allergenic dog shampoos
  • Avoid what triggers the allergy
  • Food elimination diets
  • Allergy shots
  • Anti-itch medications (for flare-ups)
  • Benadryl (1mg/lb.)

Additional Reading

  • Bernie's Blog: Natural Holistic Ways to Heal Dog Allergies With Ingredients At Home
  • Dog Health Guide: Canine Skin Allergies
  • Merck Vet Manual: Skin Disorders For Dogs
  • Good Dog: Allergies & Digestive System in Dogs

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  • Atopic Dermatitis (a life-long disease)
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  • Hair loss
  • Skin irritation


My pup had several episodes of soft stools. I attempted so many supplements and vitamins and oils. I was so frustrated. I changed his food to several different expensive brands but his stools still weren’t formed well. His allergies were also acting up; he was licking his paws raw. I know if you’re reading this, just like me, you love your fur baby. I just wanted him to feel and actually be better and healthy.. Finally I found Bernie’s Perfect Poop, and my Scooter is doing amazing. His stool , his overall health including his allergies are so improved. When I adopted my 9 year old boy, I thought his soft stool was just normal for him. Since using this supplement probiotic, his stool is finally formed and normal. His breath is amazing, and his farts are gone. Even when he does, there’s no putrid smell. I am so grateful. So happy! So grateful! Please give it a try. Your fur baby deserves the best. - Carolina

More Information About Dog Skin Allergies 

Relationship Between Dog Skin Allergies, Immune System & Toxins:
When dogs suffer from allergies it affects their immune systems. When immune systems are not healthy or are unbalanced, the inflammatory response may kick in. This can cause inflammation of the skin which can cause itching and pain.

When a dog’s digestive tract is unbalanced the body cannot release toxins properly. Toxins are released from the body through the liver, kidneys, and digestive tract. When these organs become overloaded or cannot release the toxins, other organs take over the daunting task. The largest organ the body has is the skin. When the body tries to eliminate toxins through the skin your dog will suffer from reddened areas, itching, inflammation, etc. When you notice this happening, you can be assured that the problem is larger and stems from an unbalanced digestive tract. According to Eddy Beltram, DVM, of the Blair Animal Hospital in Ottawa, “Allergies are of gut origin unless proven otherwise. Lungs, feet, ears, and skin are the tip of the iceberg. The problem is in the bowel.”

Fiber may aid in relieving allergies in dogs:
When a dog’s digestive tract is not balanced, immune responses your dog has to allergens may be over or under reactive. The digestive tract is where elimination of toxins normally takes place. When the digestive tract is in balance the body can more easily eliminate toxins properly without having to count on the skin to do the eliminating. Adding fiber to the dog’s diet may aid in proper elimination of toxins.

Prebiotics and Probiotics may help as a dog allergy treatment:
Unbalanced microbes in a dog’s gut can be a factor that contributes to a dog’s allergies. The digestive tract is loaded with good and bad bacteria and this is normal. Some of these bacteria are helpful and some are harmful. When a dog’s digestive tract is unbalanced and the harmful bacteria crowd out the helpful bacteria, the dog will be exposed to harmful bacteria and viruses. This in turn will cause issues with the immune response. When the immune response is out of balance your dog’s immune response will either be hyperactive (over active) or suppressed. Neither of which will assist your dog well when allergies arise. Prebiotics and Probiotics added to your dog’s diet may aid in balancing the digestive tract microbiome so that the dog’s immune response to allergens is appropriate.

Enzymes may help with allergy issues:
Adding enzymes to your dogs diet my help with allergies. Enzymes are important for a balanced digestive tract. Enzymes help the system by allowing the body to absorb nutrients from the foods and some enzymes such as Bromelain which is found in Bernie’s Perfect Poop is a natural anti-inflammatory and natural antihistamine. Enzymes help to boost the immune system, balance the digestive tract, improve skin and coat conditions, and reduce symptoms brought on by allergies.

Skin Allergies & Hot Spots:
Skin allergies can be the trigger that create a hot spot. If your dog bits, scratches or licks the site of a skin allergy too much, it can turn into a hot spot.