Dog Poop Eating (Coprophagia)

Bernie's Perfect Poop Can Naturally Alleviate Dog Coprophagia (Poop Eating)

  • Studies have shown that canine diets rich in dietary fiber, fat, protein, dietary fiber, and low in carbohydrates my reduce coprophagia. The high-fiber content in Bernie’s can help your dog achieve a higher percentage of fiber in its diet.
  • Enzymes: Increasing enzymes in your dog’s diet can help to break down food and allow the gut to better absorb the nutrients from your dogs food. Bernie’s contains a proprietary blend of 7 different enzymes that work to break down and absorb the nutrients from the food your dog is eating. These added nutrients can curb coprophagia by fulfilling your dog’ need for nutrients which stops their need to fulfill that need by eating poop. 
  • Fiber: Bernie’s is made from a combination of healthy nutritional fibers that can work to balance the digestive tract. A balanced digestive tract allows the nutrients from food to easily be digested into the body, satisfying the bodies need for nutrients so that your dog doesn’t need to look for added nutrients from feces. 
  • Prebiotics & Probiotics: Bernie’s contains prebiotics and probiotics that aid in balancing the digestive tract. As with fiber, prebiotics and probiotics will help to balance the digestive tract by balancing the microbiome (good and bad bacteria) in the gut. A balanced digestive tract with assist in nutrient absorption. 
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Coporophagia is defined as eating feces (poop). Sounds gross, we know. However, as gross as it sounds to us pet parents, it is actually very common for dogs to eat their own stool. Ask around and you'll be surprised how many dog parents have experienced this behavior. There a wide range of behavioral, medical, and physical reasons why dogs eat poop. Luckily in most cases there are easy-to implement solutions.

Common Signs of Poop Eating Include:

  • You witness your dog eating feces (either his own or another animals).
  • Your dog vomits up feces
  • Your dog’s breath smells like feces


Medical and physical reasons for coprophagia include:

Possible Causes of Dog ConstipationCan Perfect Poop Help?
Nutrient MalabsorptionYES
EPI (endocrine pancreatic insufficiency)YES
Unbalanced MicrobiomeYES
Diabetes, Cushing’s disease, and thyroid diseaseYES
Prescription Medications that make dogs hungryYES
Poor diet – body craves nutrients
Underfeeding – not enough food
Parasites that are feeding on the nutrients in the dog’s digestive tract
Taste – poop may taste good to some dogs
Behavioral Issues:
- Maternal instincts - Eating puppies’ poop to clean the den
- Anxiety issues – poop eating is a coping mechanism
- Attention seeking
- Boredom
- Curiosity
- Isolation coping mechanism (left in crate/kennel too long)
- History of Abuse: Dogs that were abused are most likely not being fed so are used to eating feces for food and nutrition


Coprophagia (poop eating) if not addressed can become a habit. Eating feces may subject your dog to parasites (if eating other animal’s poop) or other illnesses that could cause a host of problems for your dog. If your dog does not stop eating his feces after treatment, consult with a Vet to determine possible medical reasons for coprophagia (poop eating).

Other Ways to Help

  • Teach proper behavior regarding poop. Train your dog to leave it. Practice “leave it with food, toys, etc.”
  • Give your dog plenty of play time to eliminate boredom
  • Feed your dog the recommended amount of food needed to prevent hunger
  • Server food additives that make the stool taste bad to dogs
  • Keep the dog’s toilet area picked up, eliminating access to feces.  Clean up after your dog right away. Dog's may be eating as way to clean up
  • Be mindful of conditions that can be ripe for behavioral issues: Boredom, Stress, Attention Seeking or even fear of being punished for pooping in the house

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I bought this product back in January and every since my fifteen year old Jack Russell has had more solid and consistent bowel movements!! Before she had a lot of digestive issues and a hard time passing stool. Now she’s better than ever and even has more energy! Thank you Bernie’s Perfect Poop! - Emily F.

More Information About Constipation In Dogs

An Unhealthy Gut Can Cause Constipation
Digestive issues in dogs are very common and can create many other health issues for dogs such as constipation. A healthy gut is key to eliminating digestive issues like constipation for a dog. When the gut microbiome (natural gut bacteria) is out of balance dogs can suffer from many issues including constipation.  

Fiber Can Help with Some Causes of Dog Constipation
Fiber is key to a healthy digestive tract. More specifically, an appropriate combination of soluble and insoluble fiber can be used to treat constipation issues. Both fibers help to keep the digestive tract running smoothly.

Soluble Fiber is Important for Dog Constipation
Soluble fibers allow more water to remain in the stool creating a softer and larger stool to pass through the system more easily.

Insoluble Fiber is Critical for Dog Constipation
Insoluble fiber adds bulk to the stool so that the stool can more quickly pass through the gut and prevent constipation from occurring. Between the miscanthus grass, flaxseed, and dried pumpkin found in Bernie’s Perfect Poop, your dog is getting a great combination of both soluble and insoluble fiber to prevent and relieve constipation issues.

Prebiotics May Help Some Causes of Dog Constipation
Prebiotics may aid in relieving and preventing constipation. Inulin is the prebiotic you will find in Bernie’s Perfect Poop. It is a type of soluble dietary fiber that may help gut health. Inulin acts as a fertilizer that feeds the healthy, good bacteria in the microbiome of the gut. It is a long chain fatty acid that does not break down in the small intestines but rather is able to travel to the lower gut where it helps to feed the good bacteria. Inulin is then converted into a small-chain fatty acid used to nourish the colon cells to make them stronger and provide a wealth of health benefits.

Probiotics Are Also Useful When Dealing With Dog Constipation
Probiotics will aid in balancing the microbiome in the gut. Bacillus Subtilis and Bacillus Coagulans are two probiotics found in Bernie’s Perfect Poop. They are spore forming probiotics. These probiotics are able to hold up under extreme environments (acid in the stomach) This makes these probiotics great for IBS symptoms such as constipation. Bacillus Coagulans and Bacillus Subtillus have been shown to improve bowel function with lessened incomplete evacuation (not emptying the bowels completely), in studies done on humans.  

What is EPI (Endocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency In Dogs?