Dog Constipation

Bernie's Perfect Poop Can Naturally Alleviate Dog Constipation

  • The scientifically formulated combination of fibers in Bernie’s get things moving: Increasing the amount of fiber in a dog’s diet may help relieve constipation. The miscanthus grass, flaxseed, and dried pumpkin fibers in Bernie’s Perfect Poop provide a great combination of both soluble and insoluble fiber. This high-fiber combination can naturally help to prevent and relieve constipation issues by balancing out the digestive tract microbiome (bacteria).
  • Bernie’s can help strengthen your dog’s digestive tract by balancing the microbiome (bacteria) in the digestive tract. The prebiotics, probiotics, and in enzymes in Bernie’s will aid in allowing the digestive tract to do the job it was intended to do – moving the food through the system, allowing nutrients to be absorbed, and then out of the system via the stool. 
  • Bernie’s uses the best possible all-natural fibers for dogs in an easy to feed Grass Bit formula. The all-natural fibers included have scientifically student to show benefits with dog digestion.
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Constipation is the inability to have a normal bowel movement or difficulty in having a normal bowel movement. This includes bowel movements that are infrequent, hard to pass, painful or even absent altogether.  Common Signs of Constipation in Dogs includes:  

  • Lack of pooping for longer than normal (few days)
  • Dry or hard stools
  • Passage of mucus or liquid stool (when a blockage is present)
  • Abdominal pain, bloating and/or discomfort
  • Straining, Squatting or Crouching while defecating - tenesmus
  • Irritation when touched or petted
  • Pain while having a bowel movement - dyschezia


Dog Constipation is not a disease in itself, rather it is a sign of many different diseases or issues. Constipation can be associated with minor conditions that can be resolved quickly or it may be an indicator of a more serious life-threatening illness.

Possible Causes of Dog ConstipationCan Perfect Poop Help?
Lack of Dietary FiberYES
Medication Side EffectsYES
Swollen Anal Sacks YES
Poor DietYES
Dehydration (not enouqh water) 
Ingesting Inedible objects – toys, rocks, dirt, etc
Hairballs from self – grooming
Lack of Exercise
Abcesses, Tumors or Other Masses aroudn the Rectal Area
Kidney Disease, Enlarged Prostate, Hernias, Pelvic Trauma, Hypothyroidis  (slowed metabolism), stress


Constipation that is left untreated may cause a severe slow down of food through the digestive tract and could possibly cause a partial to complete blockage. This can cause Obstipation which is the inability to empty the colon on his own. Blockages can cause lethargy, appetite loss, and vomiting. Dogs may even vomit up stool if their digestive tract is blocked. Often times a blockage may appear as if the dog has diarrhea as the blocked stool will seep out around the blockage in liquid form as that is all that can get through. 

Other Ways to Help

  • Stool softeners or laxatives may help by softening up the stool and lubricating the digestive tract
  • Increase Exercise: when there is more physical activity the feces (stool) is more apt to move through the system instead of sitting stagnant. 
  • Increase water intake: if dehydration occurs then the digestive tract will not provide enough lubricant or water to pass through normally. Canned (moist) dog food can help add moisture to the gut. 

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I bought this product back in January and every since my fifteen year old Jack Russell has had more solid and consistent bowel movements!! Before she had a lot of digestive issues and a hard time passing stool. Now she’s better than ever and even has more energy! Thank you Bernie’s Perfect Poop! - Emily F.

More Information About Constipation In Dogs

An Unhealthy Gut Can Cause Constipation
Digestive issues in dogs are very common and can create many other health issues for dogs such as constipation. A healthy gut is key to eliminating digestive issues like constipation for a dog. When the gut microbiome (natural gut bacteria) is out of balance dogs can suffer from many issues including constipation.  

Fiber Can Help with Some Causes of Dog Constipation
Fiber is key to a healthy digestive tract. More specifically, an appropriate combination of soluble and insoluble fiber can be used to treat constipation issues. Both fibers help to keep the digestive tract running smoothly.

Soluble Fiber is Important for Dog Constipation
Soluble fibers allow more water to remain in the stool creating a softer and larger stool to pass through the system more easily.

Insoluble Fiber is Critical for Dog Constipation
Insoluble fiber adds bulk to the stool so that the stool can more quickly pass through the gut and prevent constipation from occurring. Between the miscanthus grass, flaxseed, and dried pumpkin found in Bernie’s Perfect Poop, your dog is getting a great combination of both soluble and insoluble fiber to prevent and relieve constipation issues.

Prebiotics May Help Some Causes of Dog Constipation
Prebiotics may aid in relieving and preventing constipation. Inulin is the prebiotic you will find in Bernie’s Perfect Poop. It is a type of soluble dietary fiber that may help gut health. Inulin acts as a fertilizer that feeds the healthy, good bacteria in the microbiome of the gut. It is a long chain fatty acid that does not break down in the small intestines but rather is able to travel to the lower gut where it helps to feed the good bacteria. Inulin is then converted into a small-chain fatty acid used to nourish the colon cells to make them stronger and provide a wealth of health benefits.

Probiotics Are Also Useful When Dealing With Dog Constipation
Probiotics will aid in balancing the microbiome in the gut. Bacillus Subtilis and Bacillus Coagulans are two probiotics found in Bernie’s Perfect Poop. They are spore forming probiotics. These probiotics are able to hold up under extreme environments (acid in the stomach) This makes these probiotics great for IBS symptoms such as constipation. Bacillus Coagulans and Bacillus Subtillus have been shown to improve bowel function with lessened incomplete evacuation (not emptying the bowels completely), in studies done on humans.